40 mins from Fukuoka City! Itoshima Ocean View Glamping

Itoshima glamping SDGs Village
- Chikyu MIRAI -

Glamping with a magnificent view
One-of-a-kind ocean resort

In this special place with special people,
You can bask in the sunlight filtered through palm trees, feeling the ever-changing light, wave and breezes of the ocean.

Enjoy conversations by the beautiful sea
and immerse yourself in the starry night sky.

A holiday you cannot ever forget awaits you here.

Itoshima Glamping - SDGs Village
Chikyu MIRAI

7 Attractions
dome-shaped tent

“A panoramic view of the ocean”
All rooms of a dome-shaped tent with an ocean view.

Each of the 4 dome-shaped white tents has different interior decoration. Compared to ordinary tents, they are double-layered and have better insulation. Air conditioners are installed, so you can have a wonderful time regardless of the season.

Aerial tent

Staying in the sky
An aerial tent with a panoramic view of the ocean and forest.

You can stay in our rare “aerial tent” where you can have a panoramic view of the great nature in the forest. It swings comfortably like a hammock, and you can lie down and see the starry sky. In the forest overlooking the beautiful ocean and mountains, please enjoy your private space. You can stay in the aerial tent by using a cover when it’s rainy.


A space like a secret base


Our caravan is right in front of the ocean, which is a luxurious place for a stay. It is equipped with high-quality furniture and two double beds with independent springs, so you can sleep here very comfortably as if you are staying at a luxury hotel. (For up to 4 guests) Air conditioners are installed, so you can have a great time regardless of the season.
♦Next to the caravan, you can also use a two-story aerial tent or helios dome-shaped tent.

Mamushi no Yu

Nearby Onsen Facility
Mamushi no Yu


It is located 10 mins from our facility by car, and you can enjoy the soft hot water drawn up from the underground at the onsen facility “Mamushi no Yu.” For our guests, we will offer a free service for the onsen facility. There are saunas and some kinds of Tsubo Yu as well as a large public bath and an open-air bath, so you can enjoy a relaxing time there.

Chikuzen no Yu Welcome to Mamushi no Yu!

BBQ menu

With the special Fukuoka’s ingredients,
Many foods on the BBQ menu!

For dinner, you can choose from the choice Japanese Black Beef BBQ course, game meat, and four kinds of the glamping BBQ course that committed to “local food production and consumption,” “seasons,” and “fresh ingredients.” Please enjoy grilling meat on a well-functional gas grill, watching the beautiful sunset and ocean. For breakfast, a panini combo will be served.


Comfortable individual private BBQ space
Sudomari / Feel free to bring your own food and enjoy your original BBQ!

We also prepare the Sudomari plan, so you can enjoy your original glamping BBQ here. Of course, Fees will not be charged to bring your food. Feel free to bring your favorite food and enjoy your glamping BBQ at the BBQ space next tent freely!



Well-equipped facility and Amenities

We prepare a well-equipped facility and a lot of amenities so that you can keep your baggage to a minimum as much as possible. We have facial wash, cleansing oil, toner, and a hair dryer that women would like as well as basic amenities such as shampoo, hair conditioner and body wash.

*Image is for illustration purposes.

Facility Information

One-of-a-kind dome-shaped tent
with a “panoramic view of the ocean!”
Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind luxurious glamping here!

Meet our park ranger “Hitoshi", who can sing with a guitar by a fire pit.

Every other Saturday, the musician sings with a guitar, watching fire around 8 p.m.

our park ranger “Hitoshi
our park ranger “Hitoshi"


“Chikyu MIRAI is a facility for guests only!”

The road to the facility is narrow and the space for the parking lot is limited, so if you wish to have a look around our facility, please call us and make a reservation in advance.

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