Aerial tent

Aerial tent
Staying in the sky
Aerial tent with a panoramic view of the ocean and forest
Why not have an “aerial experience with the 360-degree nature”?

You can use a camp site if you rent an “aerial tent” and stay there.

With a 360-degree panoramic view of the nature in the forest, you can stay in a rare “aerial tent.”

The view of the beautiful ocean and mountains is exceptional as you lie down in the triangular tent secured from three directions, floating in the air. It swings comfortably like a hammock, and the starry night sky from the tent awaits you, which you have never experienced before. It will surely change your view of the world.

The picture shows a “3-story” building that’s set during an event, but the one you will stay is a “2-story” building. The first floor has a hammock where you can lie, sit, drink tea and enjoy the nature. The second floor is a triangular space where up to 3 people can stay and sleep, and it is covered with an insect repellent net.

In addition, even if it is rainy, you can stay in the tent by using a cover. Please bring your own sleeping bag.

Surrounded by the nature and returning to your childhood, please enjoy your own space in the nature with the beautiful ocean and mountains at a special price.

Please choose from the four tents. There are 4 aerial tent locations, as shown below. Each of them has a different view of the magnificent nature from different angles.

You can have a relaxing time next to the tent where there are tables and 4 chairs we prepare.

We provide a large gas stove (with fuel), tarp, tongs and net, so you don’t need to bring them by yourself! Please enjoy BBQs with the food you bring.

【Luxurious Moment in the Forest Looking at the Ocean】

It is a luxurious tent on a hill where you can enjoy forest bathing and overlooking the ocean.

Adults and children will be so excited about the huge blue ocean that you can see from the hill which is 30 meters high. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

The gentle sunlight and pleasant scent of the forest will give you a unique sensation of living in the forest.

You will feel relaxed and realize that “humans are also part of nature” at the same time. Please enjoy the exceptional relaxation space perfect for those who want to enjoy both the forest and the ocean at once.

【Quiet Quality Time with Wild Cherry Trees】

It is a forest bathing tent where you can spend time with the wild cherry trees that have lived over 100 years and grown strongly on this mountain.

It is worth seeing the wild cherry trees growing boldly, and you can feel the depth of their age just by being near them.

The ocean view through the trees gives you a luxurious unique time. The singing of birds and the breath of the forest will relax your body and mind.

The solid stability of the wild cherry trees may be the reason why you find yourself drifting off to sleep.

At night, you can relax with a glass of whiskey. This place suits such a moment.

【Here, It’s Hawaii in Itoshima!】

It is a tent that has the ocean view as far as you can see where you can enjoy a resort-like atmosphere.

The warm sun and sparkling ocean spread out before your eyes, making you feel as if you are in Hawaii.

It is a great location where the refreshing breeze through the swaying leaves of many trees can satisfy you, lying down in the tent.

As the name “Sunset” suggests, the best part of this tent is that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Please feel the extraordinary time hearing the ever-changing rhythm of the sunset and ocean.

【The Spectacular Sunrise That Will Make You Want to Get Up Early】

It is a tent with a spectacular ocean view that has a sense of openness.

The clear blue sky and the ocean will make you feel as if you are on a southern island.

Lying down, looking at palm trees, having a BBQ on the lawn and gazing at the starry night sky… Time will pass so quickly.

You can also watch the sunset, but the attraction of this tent is that you can watch the sunrise so beautifully!

Why don’t you wake up to the salmon pink sunrise and start your day peacefully?

It will make waking up in the morning more enjoyable!

*Aerial tent (rental) accommodation*

・Each tent can accommodate up to 3 adults, but it is more comfortable for 2 adults.

*The fee includes rental of a tent, tables, 4 chairs, a large gas stove (with fuel), a tarp, tongs and a net. Please bring your own bedding, towels, food, condiments and tableware.

*According to camp site regulations, guests are responsible for setting up a rental tent, but our staff will provide full support, so it’ll take just 5 mins to install it.

*I’m afraid you cannot use an open fire, personal stoves or charcoal for BBQs in order to prevent wildfires.

*It is a tent, so it may be cold at night. Please bring your own sleeping bag and some warm clothes.

*If a heavy rain and flood warning is issued, we may recommend canceling your reservation to ensure your safety. In such circumstances, you will receive a full refund, and no cancellation fees will apply.

*Please drop off your baggage on the premises at first and park your car in the location a 5-minute walk from the site. Please follow the instructions of the park rangers. list